Roosevelt Condominium Association


Information for the New Owner
(version 2016-12-06)


Welcome as a unit owner and member of the Roosevelt Condo Association!  Please help us in our efforts to keep this building as well-kept and beautiful as it is now.  We appreciate your cooperation and compliance with the Roosevelt’s Rules & Regulations.  Below, please find a summary of the most important procedures, rules and fees of the Association. 


  • Monthly Exterminator Service:     George from A Better Way Exterminators provides extermination service for all common areas within the building on the first Wednesday of every month. If you would like him to do inside your actual unit, there's no additional cost, but you have to either be there to let him in, or provide him a key he can keep. George has been providing this service to the building for many years. If you want to provide a key to George, please contact the Board, and we can help with that.


  • Intercom:   There's an intercom next to the front gate. If you provide the Board with a telephone number and name (a maximum of 14 characters including spaces), we will program it into the intercom at no cost. When someone (e.g. UPS or FedEx) wants to use the intercom to contact you, they simply dial your unit number, and it will call the phone number you provided. When someone calls you from the intercom, you can electronically buzz them in that gate by pushing *6 on your telephone. That electronic access does not extend to the lobby door, however,

so you will need to actually open that door for your guest yourself.


  • Fees for additional gate keys:                

-    $100 deposit for new keys (fully refundable upon return)

-        $25 for replacements of a broken key (broken key must be presented)


  • Parking:   No parking is available on Condo premises. Parking of motorbikes and bicycles is prohibited on all Condo premises, including courtyard, front yard, lobby, hallways and stairways, except for the designated bicycle area underneath the 1st Floor stairways. Violations are subject to fines of $100 per incident.


  • Bicycles:  There is limited bicycle parking available, on a first-come basis, underneath the 1st floor North and South stairwells.  This space is reserved for actively used bicycles only (max. of 4 bikes per staircase), and is not to be used for bike storage.  Bicycles may only be parked right underneath the staircases, and must not protrude into and/or obstruct the passageway (Fire Department restriction – we will be fined for violations!).  They may not be chained onto the railing from the side of the walkway.


  • Recycling:   The City of Miami Beach requires us to recycle and two Recycle bins have been set up in the alleyway behind the building.  Items for recycling are glass & plastic bottles, metal cans, newspaper and cardboard. Please do not leave items next to/outside the bins (which is considered illegal dumping). 


  • Trash:    Each floor has a trash chute for garbage disposal. Please make sure your trash doesn’t spill by properly closing/tying the garbage bag.  Please make sure your garbage bag fits through the chute opening. Do not force large items down the chute that could obstruct the chute.  Large items, cardboard boxes, etc. must be broken down/cut into smaller pieces to fit through the opening or deposed of in the recycle bins behind the building. Each resident is responsible for properly disposing of his/her trash.  Do not leave boxes or large items in the trash room or behind the building.  Do not leave personal items (shoes, umbrella) outside your apartment door.


  • Dogs & Other Pets:    Pets must be kept in such a way, so that they will not become a nuisance to other residents. Dogs must not be allowed to run free in hallways or any other part of the common areas. Dogs must be on a leash and under firm control of the dog owner at all times while on Condo premises.  Dog owners are responsible for cleaning up after their dog.


  • Emergency Access to Units:     The Association has the right to access a unit during an emergency (i.e., broken pipe, water leakage threatening to damage an adjoining unit).  The Board encourages unit owners to provide an extra key to their unit to the Board for this purpose. The Board will not enter a unit unless absolutely necessary, and will always attempt to first contact the owner. Should the Board be unable to contact the owner, and not have a key to enter the unit in an emergency, the Board has the right to enter the unit with the help of a locksmith and take measures to prevent further damage (e.g., have a plumber turn off the water valves).  Any damage to a unit resulting from such forceful entry is the responsibility of the unit owner. We appreciate your cooperation in providing the Board emergency access to your unit.


  • Renovations inside the Unit:   Other than minor repairs, renovations inside a unit, such as replacement of flooring, require prior written prior approval by the Association. In addition to Association approval, electrical/plumbing/structural repairs require a permit from the City of Miami Beach. 


  • Maintenance Fees:      Maintenance Fees are due on the first of the month. A late fee of $25 applies for all checks received after the 7th of the month.  A $25 fee applies for returned checks.  The monthly fee schedule is established at the annual budget meeting and sent to all unit owners together with the minutes of the meeting in December.  Since maintenance fees are set only once a year, no monthly invoices or reminders are being mailed to unit owners. Assessments that are late 9 out of 12 months in any calendar year, or that are unpaid for 3 or more consecutive months, incur an additional late fee of $500, in addition to the regular late fee.


  • Insurance:    The Association has coverage for all required insurance, including commercial liability, flood and windstorm. For verification of our insurance policies for your mortgage company, please contact our insurance agent, Livia M. Pedraza, Lakes & Country General Insurance, 8555 NW 186 Street, Hialeah, FL 33015, Ph: 305-829-2777 Fax: 305-829-0782,


  • Rentals:     A unit may be rented out for no less than a minimum of 6 months plus 1 day per City code regulations. All rental applicants must fill out a rental application and schedule an interview with the Board prior to moving in.  The rental application fee is $100.00 (non-refundable), and the security deposit is $200 (refundable).


  • Condo Management:    The Roosevelt Condominium is currently self-managed, i.e. we do not employ a management company for the day-to-day business functions. The Association’s business address is Roosevelt Condominium Association, Inc., 1255 Pennsylvania Ave., Miami Beach, FL 33139. The Association has a drop-box mounted on the wall in the mail area of the lobby. We can be contacted by phone (786) 231-3683 or email at You can find useful information, such the Rules & Regulations, application forms, etc. on our website


  • Annual Meeting:   The Annual Election and Membership Meeting takes place on the first Thursday of every December.  A notice announcing time and place of the meeting is posted on the bulletin board and sent via mail to all unit owners 60 days prior to the meeting.  Board meetings are open to all unit owners.  The Board may hold additional meetings, if necessary, which are mailed and posted and open to unit owners as well.  Minutes of meetings are sent to all unit owners.   The Annual Financial Report is mailed each February to all unit owners.